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Corona Canna was started to bring more clarity to this Smokey cannabis industry specifically to the city of Corona in California and surrounding areas next to it. Even though California voted to pass prop 64 and Legalizing Recreational Cannabis, County’s and Cities are slow to develop enforcement in their areas. Corona especially has had shops and deliveries open and close down periodically and most of the time very are customers uncomfortable going into an illegal shop and getting raided while your shopping. Which leaves most consumer buyers with out information on when, where, and how to obtain marijuana. From a census in 2017 there are 167,836 people living in Corona. There are about 2.4 million in Riverside County. That leaves a huge portion of the masses to not be educated and obtain about This amazing plant.


We offer information that is developing into the regards of Coronas Cannabis laws. Sections are verbatim of the cities website to provide transparency of regulations and zoning off the city. We are not paid by any campaign or to pass scrutiny of any elected official. Like most stoners, “politics aren’t my thing” and we just want to be an information vacuum for the public to proceed in obtaining Cannabis Legally and using it correctly.


Class is in session online here at Canna 101.

Created to inform all cannabis users of all ages to promote into a Cannabis connoisseur. Snipets of information that can easily be obtain to show off at your next sesh. Walking away most people will think you are a pro. This section is a knowledge base center for cannabis that you should return to as more information will be added constantly.


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