Myths of Cannabis

“The longer you hold in the smoke, the more you will feel the effects”

New cannabis people who smoke are sometimes informed to carry smoke of their lungs for so long as they’ll to totally take up the cannabinoids. Whereas on the floor this seems to make sense, there’s really little or no supporting proof.[117][118] In truth, holding the smoke in for longer than just a few seconds may solely serve to extend tar deposits within the lungs. Also the light headed feeling you get holding a hit is due to oxygen deprivation to your brain.[119]

“Cannabis today is much stronger than it was in the Sixties”

Although not essentially a myth, the assertion that as we speak’s cannabis is greater in common potency than it was “at Woodstock” can’t be reliably confirmed. It is because early researchers measured THC by gasoline chromatography, which concerned heating and subsequently breaking down the molecule. These days, THC is measured by liquid chromatography, so there’s no widespread foundation for comparability. The pattern measurement can be a lot, a lot bigger than it was. Within the 1970s, researchers had been fortunate if that they had entry to 18 seizures in a yr, whereas these days they’ve entry to hundreds.[120]

In any case, regardless that this skewed comparability does present a normal upward pattern within the common efficiency of cannabis, it doesn’t help the implied suggestion that the plant has turn out to be extra dangerous. Proof suggests that individuals solely smoke as a lot as they should attain their desired state. In different phrases, the higher the potency, the much less customers want—and in the end, the less carcinogens they inhale.[121]

“Cannabis is a gateway drug”

This Reefer Madness-style argument for continued prohibition has zero foundation in actual fact. Whereas it’s true that the majority routine drug customers are uncovered to hashish earlier than any more durable medication, that is solely to be anticipated contemplating that hashish is essentially the most prevalent illicit substance worldwide. It definitely doesn’t show causality. But when it did, alcohol and tobacco can be the unique gateway medication, since most cocaine and heroin addicts are uncovered to them even earlier. [122]

In Conclusion, the gate way is not cannabis, but the drug dealer who supplies other illegal drugs back in the day to make better profits enable access to buyers on the black market.

“Cannabis is non-addictive”

Solely a comparatively small variety of hashish customers turn out to be addicted—9% of 8,000 respondents in line with one survey, in comparison with 32% for nicotine.[106][123] Nevertheless, common use can simply result in habituation and psychological dependence.

Withdrawal signs embody irritability, lethargy, bodily discomfort, issue sleeping, diminished urge for food, and a lack of pleasure in as soon as pleasurable actions (anhedonia). In contrast to withdrawal signs from different medication, comparable to alcohol, tobacco, and heroin, these results are typically gentle. In addition they are likely to fade after two to 4 days, or inside six weeks for heavy customers.

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